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Members vote to ratify new contract (Jul. 16, 2012)

Our members voted overwhelmingly to ratify our tentative agreement with Adams for a new contract.

We won gains in several areas, including:

  • Instructors are no longer required to find their own sub -- our new contract makes it clear that this is management's responsibility.
  • We may now use bereavement leave for aunts and uncles.
  • We now have the right to 10 days of paid leave for jury duty, an increase of 5 days.
  • We now have the right to 15-minute breaks, an increase of 5 minutes per break.

We also defeated a proposal from management to require a second introductory period for employees under certain circumstances.

"The fact that we were able to win gains at a time when Job Corps is being cut nationally is a testament to the support we received from our membership," said President Emily Rapaport.

Over 100 members attended our rally in May and signed our strike petition.

This unprecedented display of unity forced Adams to agree to several proposals after initially refusing to make any improvements to our contract.

While we made gains, the agreement, which expires in two years, reflects the current budget realities.

Our members will see a small increase to their premium contributions and co-pays.  Adams also refused to provide benefits, sick leave, or vacation to part-timers.

Our negotiating team fought for these issues until the last hour of negotiations but in the end were not able to overcome the fact that the money was not there to pay for our proposals.

Unlike in previous years, Congress has not authorized any inflationary increase for Job Corps.  Last month, center operators nationwide received an order from the national office to cut spending.

Adams agreed to provide a merit increase if funding becomes available.

Our negotiating team included CSIO Katrina Harris, CTS Emily Rapaport and Rachel Hoobing, instructor Julian Blount, and RA's Britni Dunn and Omar Khalif.

Thanks to our team for their hard work and to all of our members who showed their support!

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